• Innovation and sustainability
    are our strengths.

    We create clarity.

Our Company

Our business OMROS was founded in 1990 as an engineering company focussing on environmental technology. The desire to transform the ideas we devoloped here quickly and well soon led to the construction of our own machine and vehicle park. Today OMROS is a strong and responsible partner for any questions regarding water cleaning and landscape restoration as well as waste disposal.

Our Philosophy

One of the most important issues of the last few years has been the protection of natural resources. We are aware of this - as are our customers, naturally. Our task is to help them accept and deal with that responsibility. That’s why when, we are on the job, we first of all take into account our client’s perspective, identify their needs and then locate possible problem areas and ways of solving those problems instead of creating new ones.

We adhere to a strict environmental code of practice which accommodates the legal requirements of a problem. We nevertheless always keep in mind the specific needs of our clients. In this way we are able to develop solutions which effectively build environmental practice in the day-to-day workings of a business and combine ecological uses with important economic advantages.

Award for Innovation and Sustainability

Our innovative capacity has been confirmed by an independent body. In 2016, OMROS was awarded the title top innovator at the conference of German middle-sized companies.

Yet again our company has been certified as a partner of the sustainability agreement Thuringia. This agreement, financed by the ministry of environment and the ministry of economic and scientific affairs, unites organisations with the aim of fulfilling standards for sustainable economic activities.