• Recycling and disposal
    of industrial, communal
    and private waste.

    We create clarity.

Waste Disposal

At our dump in Leimrieth we dipose of your waste from waste category 1, and we organise the disposal of waste from other categories with our processing partners from all over Germany. If desired, we can produce a waste disposal plan tailored to your needs and take on the full responsibilty for disposal. As a certified waste disposal company, we have been a reliable partner in the environmental and building sectors for many years.

Your advantages

  • competent disposal advice
  • minimal input from your side thanks to us taking on the responsibility
  • legal security via rigorous book-keeping
  • support in waste declaration and dealing with authorities
  • logistical concepts for a secure and lasting solution to waste disposal 

To get more Information about waste disposal please visit www.deponie-leimrieth.de (only in german)